5 Tips for Getting Bugs Out from your Apartment

Is it scary to have bugs in your home? As summer is eventually here and brings lots of happiness! In the summer season, the most common problem is bugs. We can open our windows for getting fresh air but sometimes, it is the way of bringing bugs in our home. Luckily, with our guidelines, you can protect your apartment from bugs infestation.

Six Useful Tips to Keep Away Bugs from your Apartment 

  1. Caulk or Seal All Small Cracks: 

    When you decide to prevent the bugs, you must seal all small cracks. Because the majority of bug insects come indoors through small cracks and holes. So, your first step is sealing the small cracks or holes. This method will prevent bugs from entering your home. If the situation is out of control, call us to get pest removal treatment.

  2. Use Peppermint Oil:

    Peppermint oil is an effective ingredient that is used to remove insects. You can use it as bug pest control. This will really help to keep away the bugs from your apartment. This can also destroy spiders and other insects. Put 10–15 peppermint essential oil into water or rubbing alcohol and fill it into a spray bottle. Spray this solvent around your windows, doors, corners and baseboards. If you notice any bugs in your home, you can also use this mixture directly on the bug to kill it.

  3. Keep your Kitchen Clean and Neat:

    If you want to keep away the bugs, always keep your kitchen clean and neat. Because a mess attracts bugs and leads to a high bug infestation in your home. So, always try to keep everything clean and neat in your home including refrigerator, stove and sink.

  4. Keep Vegetables and Fruits in The Fridge:

    Don’t leave any vegetable or fruits outside. Always keep your vegetables and fruits in refrigerated so that you can prevent the accumulation of fruit flies. If you notice another source from where pests are coming and you want to eliminate them, get professional pest control services by leasing any reliable company.

  5. Get Rid of Clutter:

    Furthermore, it makes other sense that you should keep your all rooms as clean and neat as possible. You should clean the unnecessary clutter from your apartment to prevent the bugs. Usually, clutter provides a hidden space to bugs for living.

  6. Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop Regularly.

    It is also true that dirty place brings germs and insects that love all of the little bits that fall onto the floor and get around corners and baseboards. So, always keep your home clean by regular vacuuming. Your cleaning will protect your home from bug attacks. If you have to deal with pest infestation at a high level and you are not capable to remove it, hire our professional pest controllers

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