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Flies are one of the most irritating and annoying pests which are commonly found in our homes and offices. These pests are responsible for many dangerous diseases like hepatitis, cholera etc, as they contain over 150 types and bacteria and viruses. There are so many types of infected flies in Australia such as blush fly, cluster flies, drain flies, house fly bluebottle fly, fruit fly, and fresh fly etc. Pest Control Pakenham gives you the best Flies Control Pakenham services and other pest control services.

Health Risks From Flies

As you can see above that these flying pests contains 150 types of bacteria and viruses, so it is very important to prevent yourself from these. Flies are well known for spreading the following illness:

  1. Typhoid:

    An infectious bacterial cause by typhi bacteria fever which causes high-temperature fever and can be dangerous if not treated quickly.

  2. Cholera:

    Also a bacterial infection which has similar symptoms of typhoid but it mainly attacks the small intestine. 

  3. Dysentery:

    An infection in the intestine which results in heavy dehydration and causes blood and mucus occurrence in feces. 

  4. Food Poisoning:

    Food poisoning is caused by eating contaminated food. Flies who sit on the garbage and then sits on your food is the main reason for your food contamination.

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How To Prevent Flies Infestation

There’s a saying that ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ and there are more than 30,000 species of flies in Australia, so you have to be very careful and alert to take the prevention of infestation from flies.

These are Some Ways to Prevent Flies Infestation:

  1. The most effective and best way of preventing flies is to maintain cleanliness. Do a regular check of your house and office’s corners and vacuum clean regularly. You can use the natural disinfectants for preventing fly infestation.
  2. Flies are generally found in the moist areas of your house and offices during summers. Applying sudden heat is also a good option for removing flies. Ensure that heat would be sudden not slow otherwise flies will move to another area.
  3. Use glue boards, natural phenomenon traps etc, to prevent flies infestation. These are natural and safe using steps if you do not want to use chemicals for the fly infestation. 
  4. If the flies are in huge numbers, then please take chemical’s help for prevention. But make sure chemicals are prescribed by experts or Australian Pesticides Veterinary and Medicines Authority (APVMA). 
  5. Or you can call professionals for help if the number of flies is out of your control. We provide you with the best professional pest control and Flies Control Pakenham services. We provide housefly inspection services at cheaper rates.

Why Choose Pest Control Pakenham For Flies Control Pakenham

Flies are unable to encounter if they get large in numbers. In this case, you can hire us for best flies and pest control.

Here are Some Reasons Which Make Us Different from Other Pest Control Services:

  1. We are the leading and most recommended pest controllers in whole Pakenham and Australia.
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  3. Our professionals have years of experience in Pest Control Pakenham.
  4. Professionals hired by us are certified green cleaners who prefer to use eco-friendly ways and solutions for pest controls.
  5. We are certified with (APVMA).
  6. We have won the trust of thousands of customers with our service.

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