Getting Rid Of Fire Ants Easily – Natural & Effective Solutions!

What can be more annoying than trying hard to remove fire ants with a towel yet again seeing a few sticking on your hands? Fire ant infestation has become so common these days. Those tiny yet powerful ants can bite us anytime and nothing feels worse than their venomous sting.  Here’s how you can get rid of them effectively through natural methods.

Identifying Fire Ants At Your Place

Identifying fire ants is not difficult. These ants generally possess the following features/characteristics:

  • Fire ant mounds have multiple openings.
  • Mounds are usually seen in open areas generally near water sources.
  • To detect fire ant infestation in the house, look for nests in wall holes, furniture voids and under carpets.
  • Mounds are abundant and can extend up to 25 inches wide and 15 inches high.
  • Worker fire ants are extremely aggressive. They are small and dark.
Treatment For Fire Ant Infestation

Treatment For Fire Ant Infestation

  • Use Baking Soda: Treat fire ant infestation naturally by preparing baking soda. Mix soda, sugar, sodium carbonate, and water. Prepare small balls and keep near fire ant nests.
  • Try Boric Acid: Sprinkle boric acid or dilute it with some water to spray it over fire ant nests. The ants won’t come out of their nests and if they happen to, the acid will stick to their bodies which will cause them to die.  
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth: If boric acid is not available, use can use diatomaceous earth powder to treat fire ant control at your place.
  • Ammonia Solution: Take household ammonia and mix it with 2-3 cups of water. Drain the solution into fire ant mounds to destroy them and their castle once and for all.

Preventing Fire Ant Infestation

You have to prevent fire ants from entering your place again. To do this, fill every hole in the garden or home. Also, fill the cracks in your furniture or home walls. After destroying fire ant nests, cover them with dry mud or cement.  Make sure to keep food especially sugary and protein items in tight jars. Always keep your home, yards, decks, and garden clean.

Ask For A Professional Help

It is not always possible to destroy nests of fire ants through natural ways. So, you need to employ chemical methods to treat fire and infestation. The best is to seek a professional pest controller who can handle chemical pesticide safety. Professional pest controllers generally use fire ants baits that are normally a pesticide or pest growth regulator. While a pesticide will kill the ants, growth regulators will prevent them from reproducing further. A controller will apply granular bait or spray concentrated one to the infested areas.

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