10 Little Known Termite Facts

The small insects that cause damage to human life, food, crops, etc. are called pests. They cause a lot of problems when they enter any home or office. To get rid of them, pest control should be performed adequately. If quick and strict action is not taken to remove them, then one has to face significant problems.

There are various types of pests in this world that cause several problems to humans. One of the most common types of pests is termites. They are also known as white ants. You should not allow termites in your home because they cause nuisances. They reproduce rapidly and spread all over the place. Once they enter any home, it becomes very difficult to remove them.

Termites cause massive property damages. They live inside wooden furniture and eat wood. Termites affect the structure of the house adversely. The ceilings, laminated floor, etc. are damaged by termites. The best way to mange and remove such monstrous pests from your home is by going for best professional pest control services.

Thus, termites are better away from your home. We have listed down some of the facts related to termites. To make you well educated about them.

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10 Little Known Termite Facts Are:

  1. Termites and ants are enemies
    Just like the saying ‘two swords cannot be contained in one sheath’ you won’t find ants and termites in the same premises. If you have ants in your house, then it is very rare or impossible to find termites. Although having ants in your house is not great but it’s better than having termites breeding in your home.
  2. Termites have been on this planet for millions of years.
    Termites have been found on this planet since ages, according to the fossil reports, archaeologists say that termites have a history of 300 million years.
  3. No termites in Alaska
    The weather suitable for the growth of termites is hot and humid. The temperature in Alaska is minus. Therefore, it is very difficult to find termites there. Alaska is almost termite-free.
  4. Hard to find
    Termites live inside places where they are not easily visible. They make tunnels and travel through them. So, even if there are termites in your house, you wouldn’t come to know.
  5. Termites are eatable
    In some countries, termites are eaten because they are high in nutrition. In some Asian countries, they are dipped in alcohol or a termite soup is made for health purposes.
  6. Termites never sleep
    Termites never stop doing their job. They keep on moving or eating wood till their last breath. The only way to stop them is by killing.
  7. Laying of eggs
    A queen termite can lay 30,000 eggs per day. That’s a lot of eggs from a single queen. The lifespan of a queen termite in a suitable condition is about 15 to 25 years. So, imagine the number of eggs one queen can lay.
  8. Caste system in termites
    They are divided into three class- workers, soldiers and reproductives. Only the reproductives termites can see.
  9. Termites are great architectures
    Some of the species of termites in Australia and Africa can make a mound-like structure. With the help of saliva, clay and faeces mounds are made. These mounds can be as tall as a giraffe.
  10. Number of species
    There are around 2300 different types of termites species in the world.

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